Safeguarding Your Fundraising


Elevate your fundraising with the robust security measures offered by Event.Gives, ensuring the protection of your nonprofit, your donors, and your data.

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Safeguarding Your Fundraising

Advanced Encryption Standards

Event.Gives fortifies your organization and donor data with advanced 256-bit encryption, effectively shielding against network attacks.

Cutting-Edge DDoS Mitigation

Event.Gives utilizes advanced AI technology to monitor network traffic, quickly detect, and mitigate any unusual or potentially harmful activity, protecting your fundraising activities from the threat of DDoS attacks.

Rigorous Data Protection

Upholding the strictest security measures, Event.Gives operates with stringent protocols and compliances, reducing risks for your nonprofit and its benefactors.

Ongoing Security Audits

Through continuous testing, Event.Gives proactively identifies and resolves any system vulnerabilities, bolstering security for your peace of mind.

Secure Payment Tokenization

Event.Gives partners with Stripe to handle tokenized transactions, ensuring that sensitive payment details are never fully exposed during the process.

Elastic System Architecture

The dynamic system architecture of Event.Gives is built to seamlessly handle a high volume of transactions, managing up to 400 per second, ensuring smooth processing during peak fundraising times.

Distributed Global Servers

By leveraging a global network of servers, Event.Gives diminishes the risk of concentrated attacks and maintains consistent, reliable platform performance.

Reliable Data Backup Systems

With bank-grade data protection measures in place, Event.Gives commits to 99.9% uptime and comprehensive platform redundancy, keeping your operations uninterrupted and your data intact.

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