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Our story

How we started



"My journey to creating Event.Gives began when I witnessed a broken process at my children's school fundraiser. I couldn't stand idly by and decided to fix it using the technology we all carry in our pockets - our mobile phones. I asked myself, 'Why can't we just text in our bids?' and set out to create an SMS text bot for just that. We tried it out and raised twice as much as ever before. Other schools wanted to use it too, but I knew we needed to solve the long checkout line problem first. So, I paired a simple app with the SMS bot and voila! We continued to double event revenues and found that nearly every fundraising event faces similar issues. That's when I knew we had struck gold. Event.Gives has taken on a life of its own and we're still learning and solving problems for events every day." - Sam Staley


Event.Gives wins several community awards, including the Wild Pitch startup competition at Dig South, one of the most prominent tech summits in the US.

Event.Gives secures investment from Steve Case, the founder of AOL and Revolution Ventures. 

Event.Gives invited, along with only 30 other US companies, to the White House to participate in its inaugural White House Demo Day for impactful startups.

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Event.Gives established partnerships with the largest companies in the non-profit space, including Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB), Stripe, and TravelPledge, to become the premier fundraising event management platform.

Blackbaud’s first partner to launch a product using their new SKYUX interface and integrate with their SKY API donor data services.


Sam used his technical and business expertise to grow the Event.Gives software into the full-featured, all-encompassing event management platform it is today.

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Live Streaming

Event.Gives had to pivot quickly when all in-person events were canceled in the spring of 2020. We tried live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, but the latency and lack of engagement made it unsuitable for fundraising. We developed our own live streaming platform with zero latency and engagement tools built in, allowing real-time streaming and donating during events! Our first event in May 2020 raised $60k in 20 minutes and helped organizations raise $30M virtually by the end of the year.

Partner Network

Event.Gives launches its partner network for Fundraising Event Professionals attracting the largest and most well-known Auctioneers, Event Planners in the industry.

Event.Gives raises over $7M in a single event, making it our largest to date.


Event.Gives signs several contracts with the largest non-profit organizations in the US.

Event.Gives is helping thousands of events each year.


We plan to continue developing innovative solutions to help organizations raise more money. Every day, we brainstorm new ways to do this and enhance our software. Right now, we’re working on expanding the capabilities of our platform to be used for large public events. Our goal will remain the same — to help events raise more money.

Event.Gives is the ultimate event fundraising solution

The Event.Gives team is Fanatical about a fluid experience for all. We are committed to adjusting to feedback. And in turn, we make each event more successful than the last.

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Our Numbers

Event.Gives by the count

Since we started, Event.Gives has seen exponential growth. We’re changing the event space one Fanatical Fundraiser at a time!

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our team

Meet the Fanatical Family!

A tight-knit team that cares about your success.

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Gabrielle Strother

Gabrielle Strother

Customer Success Coach

"Working at Event.Gives is a joy! The dynamic environment, the dedicated team, and the shared passion for innovation and community-building make it more than a job—it's an opportunity to have a real impact. I'm grateful to be part of a team that consistently inspires and challenges me to reach new heights."

Meagan Morgan

Meagan Morgan

Customer Success Coach

"I love helping Event Organizers feel confident and supported while using Event.Gives to plan events that will reach their fundraising goals."

Jenny Shupert

Jenny Shupert

Customer Success Coach

“I enjoy being able to work closely with our partners and manage our many conferences that Event.Gives is proud to attend!”

Savannah Ray

Savannah Ray

Customer Success Coach

“I love how collaborative and innovative the team works, every day, to provide the best outcome for our customers and their events.”

McKenna Mann

McKenna Mann

Customer Success Lead

“I love that in a day’s work I can collaborate with not just the EG team, but our event organizers, their attendees, and our in-house coders. It makes the community at EG constantly innovative and creative!”

Karen Urbanski

Karen Urbanski

Director of Data Analysis

“I enjoy being able to help organizations like our key accounts to reach fundraising goals and teach them all of the fundraising tools Event.Gives has to offer.”

Madelaine White

Madelaine White

Operations Manager

“I love helping clients better understand our platform and seeing event organizers meet their fundraising goals!”

Kate Montgomery

Kate Montgomery

Director of Operations & Strategy

“I love working for Event.Gives because it gives me the honor to help organizations reach their goals, along with the people behind the organization’s goals.”

Sam Staley

Sam Staley

CEO, Founder

“My favorite thing about Event.Gives is that everyone who works here is Fanatical, our partners are Fanatical, and our clients are Fanatical.”

Our Values

Life at Event.Gives

Event.Gives is passionate, adaptable, and innovative. Our Fanatical family is determined to get the job done right every time!

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Be Fanatical

Everything we do is fueled by our Fanaticism. We have a passion to help events succeed. We love to work hard, innovate, and connect with energetic people. That’s what makes us Fanatical!

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Fail fast

Things move fast at Event.Gives. We don’t expect things to be perfect at first, and we’re okay with failing. We’ve banged our heads to find what works, and what we’ve learned has shaped Event.Gives into the reliable platform and respected brand it is today!

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Forever Innovating

Adapting to the ebb and flow of event season is crucial for the EG Team! Each team member is always trying new things and branching into other areas. And, of course, always giving each other support!

We’re hiring!

Join our team of Fanatics

We help great causes exceed their fundraising needs. And we have fun doing it. Join us in our mission to streamline event success for all!

Open positions

We currently don't have any open positions. Please check back in the future!
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