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Flexible Pricing

We want to help you succeed regardless of your organization's size or fundraising goals. With a 4.5% platform fee we continue to be the most affordable fundraising platform for events of any size.

Free fundraising software for your organization

Flexible Fee Pricing allows you to decide who pays. Most attendees opt to cover fees making our platform free to your organization.

All plans include:

Event Success Coaching
Speedy Event Check-In
Easy Event Ticketing Online
Mobile bidding
User-friendly fundraising event website
One-click & texting donations
Starting March 1, 2023

Pay only 4.5% per transaction
* ask about capping fees for your larger events

Create your event now

You decide who pays the fees

Attendee pays fees
Fee will be added to attendees' cart at checkout
Attendee optionally pays fees
Attendees will have the option to cover fee at checkout
Organization pays fees
Your organization will cover fees

A great platform at a great price point! It was super user-friendly and had all of the tools we needed. I loved the ability to send text message updates, things were great during attendee checkout, and our website was good-looking.”

Kira Cosio
Associate Director of Donor Engagement, CASA of Santa Barbara County
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Find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

Why Flexible Fees?

We listened to your feedback. Flexible Fees pricing means that you get to decide who pays the fees. Most event organizers choose to pass on this fee to their attendees, resulting in a FREE event for your organization!

How do I change my Payment Settings?

You can edit your Payment Settings in the 'Advanced' tab of your manager portal.

Does my organization have to cover the fee if my attendees choose not to?

Yes. If your attendee does not cover the optional fee, your organization will be responsible for covering it. Select "Attendees pay fees" in your Payment Settings to require your attendees to cover the fees.

What are the default Payment Settings?

When you create your event, the default Payment Settings will be "Attendees pay fees" on both credit card and platform fees. To change these settings, see Payment Settings on the 'Advanced' tab.

What if I paid to turn Attendee Supported Pricing (ASP) off?

You have locked in pricing for your event and do not need further action. Your Payment Settings will be automatically updated to reflect that your organization pays platform fees, which your previous payment covers. For future events, “Organization pays fees” means you will pay 4.5% on each transaction up to $4,500.