Event.Gives vs Givebutter: Which Platform is Right for Your Needs?

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Quinn Wilder
August 29, 2023
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Strengths of Event.Gives

Event.Gives distinguishes itself as the ideal platform for seamlessly integrating technology into live events, ensuring attendees have easy access at their fingertips. With a minimalist and intuitive interface, even less tech-savvy attendees can confidently engage in bidding and donations. Designed with attendee experience in mind, Event.Gives provides a clean, professional, and customizable template that beautifully showcases your cause. Notably, the live-streaming features are effortlessly set up, allowing remote guests to participate effectively. Recognizing the immense effort behind event planning, Event.Gives offers free pre-event consulting and coaching, equipping organizers with best practices to enhance donations throughout the event. 

Additionally, Event.Gives offers affordable day-of support options, ensuring smoother event execution through dedicated technicians and on-site staff members. From a dedicated remote technician to an onsite staff member who will train and ensure the platform performs exactly to plan, Event.Gives can support you and your volunteers no matter what issues arise for a super affordable cost. 

Strengths of Givebutter

Givbutter emerges as a versatile fundraising software with several notable strengths that cater to the diverse needs of both individuals and organizations. A standout feature is Givbutter's emphasis on peer-to-peer fundraising, which enables individuals to leverage their social networks to raise funds for causes they care about. This approach empowers supporters to become active advocates for their chosen initiatives, expanding the reach of campaigns and tapping into the power of personal connections. Givbutter's user-friendly interface facilitates seamless campaign creation, enabling users to craft compelling narratives, incorporate multimedia content, and engage donors effectively.

In addition to its focus on peer-to-peer fundraising, Givbutter excels in its adaptable approach to various fundraising initiatives. The platform accommodates various campaigns, including events, virtual fundraisers, and traditional donation drives. Its comprehensive toolkit offers customizable donation forms, event ticketing, and text-to-donate options, ensuring flexibility for fundraisers of all types and sizes. Givbutter's incorporation of modern engagement strategies, such as gamification and social sharing capabilities, adds an interactive dimension that resonates with today's digitally connected donors. Collectively, these strengths position Givbutter as a dynamic fundraising solution capable of addressing the evolving landscape of fundraising while placing a strong emphasis on the power of community-driven support.

Unique Features for Event.Gives

Event.Gives offers features closely aligned with Givebutter's software, including capabilities for live and silent auctions. However, Event.Gives introduces distinctive elements:

1. Vote to Donate

Event.Gives enables vote-to-donate events, fostering a unique and engaging fundraising experience beyond traditional galas. Givebutter’s platform does not support Vote-to-Donte events. 

2. Instant Payout

Event.Gives Instant Payout feature offers event organizers an efficient and convenient way to access funds generated from their fundraising activities. This feature gives organizers the flexibility to receive payouts in real time, as opposed to waiting for the conclusion of the event or campaign. By facilitating swift access to funds, Event.Gives aims to support organizers in managing event-related expenses and achieving their fundraising goals more effectively. The Instant Payout feature underscores the platform's commitment to providing organizers with practical tools to enhance their financial planning and operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to a smoother event experience.

3. Consulting and Day-Of Support

Pre-event consulting is something we all need at one point or another, and depending on what your experience level is with both fundraising events and/or the software you are using, it could be a deciding factor for which platform you use. Event.Gives offers free consulting and coaching leading up to your event so that you are equipped with best practices and little tips to get the most out of our software. Givebutter does not offer 1:1 Customer Support or Live Support Chat.

4. Printable Items

Event.Gives has templated printables built to pull all the custom information you provide about your items or events to save you time and money. You can export item cards that pull the photo, QR code for the item, and item description from your event as a ready-to-print file. The platform also allows you to export paddle numbers using your brand color and includes the name and table number for each guest and the QR code to the items and donate page again as a print-ready file. The Givebutter software does not offer any printables for download. 

5. Consignment Items Integration

Event.Gives has a consignment integration with GoCharity, where you can seamlessly add items from the consignment storefront to your event with a button click. This quick and easy process allows you not only to add items but also to sell duplicate items to attendees who were outbid during the auction, which could double or triple your fundraising revenue. While Givebutter accommodates consignment items, its platform lacks integrated consignment items.

6. Fund-A-Need Appeals

Event.Gives Fund-A-Need appeals represent a significant component of the platform's fundraising capabilities. This feature facilitates targeted and impactful fundraising by allowing organizers to create dedicated appeals focusing on specific causes or projects. Fund-A-Need appeals offer a structured framework to encourage attendees to donate directly to the highlighted cause during an event. By presenting a clear and emotionally compelling case, organizers can rally support and inspire generosity among participants. The platform's real-time tracking of donations and progress provides a sense of urgency and transparency, enhancing the engagement of donors. Event.Gives' Fund-A-Need appeals offer organizers a strategic tool to channel financial support toward designated initiatives, effectively leveraging events to drive focused and tangible impact.

7. Sponsor and Table Management

Event.Gives stands out with its comprehensive Sponsor and Table Management features, offering a streamlined solution for event organizers to effectively manage partnerships and seating arrangements. The Sponsor Management feature enables organizers to efficiently onboard and manage sponsors by providing a centralized hub to track sponsor details, benefits, and contributions. This ensures a cohesive collaboration and enhances sponsor satisfaction. Additionally, Event.Gives' Table Management feature simplifies the intricate task of arranging seating for attendees. The platform allows organizers to allocate seats, assign guests, and customize seating layouts, ensuring a seamless check-in process and an optimized event experience. These features collectively contribute to Event.Gives' ability to enhance event organization and provide valuable tools to foster successful sponsor relationships and smooth event execution.

Unique Features for Givebutter

Givebutter has a suite of fundraising tools to help events. Some of their features set them apart:

1. Max Bid

Givebutter empowers bidders to set maximum bids, automatically placing new bids until they reach their specified limit. This is a strategic feature that increases engagement in silent auctions and can impact funds raised. While Event.Gives is developing this feature, it's not yet available. 

2. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Givebutter offers peer-to-peer functionality for donation pages and traditional peer-to-peer fundraising, where Event.Gives does not have the ability for supporters to create personal campaign pages to fundraise on an organization’s behalf. While Event.Gives does not have the full realm of peer-to-peer functionality, you can set up donation pages for your supporters to use as a campaign, and you can hold vote-to-donate events. 

3. Thank You Letters

Givebutter's Thank You Letters feature underscores the platform's commitment to fostering donor relationships and enhancing the overall giving experience. This feature automates generating personalized thank you letters to acknowledge donors' contributions. Customizing these letters allows organizations to maintain their unique voice and branding, ensuring a consistent and genuine connection with supporters. By streamlining the gratitude process, Givebutter's Thank You Letters feature not only saves valuable time for fundraisers but also reinforces donor engagement and loyalty through thoughtful and timely acknowledgments. This platform aspect contributes to a well-rounded and donor-centered approach to fundraising, bolstering the overall impact of campaigns and cultivating lasting donor relationships.

4. Embeddable Forms

Givebutter's Embeddable Forms feature underscores its commitment to providing a seamless and integrated fundraising experience for organizers and donors. This feature empowers users to embed customized donation forms directly onto their websites or platforms, enabling a cohesive transition for supporters between their familiar online spaces and the fundraising environment. This integration not only streamlines the donation process but also maintains the visual identity and branding of the hosting website. By offering this capability, Givebutter enables organizations to engage donors within their online presence, fostering a sense of continuity and trust that can positively influence donation rates. The Embeddable Forms feature aligns with Givebutter's user-centric approach, providing a practical solution that enhances the overall fundraising experience for organizers and donors.

Givebutter Pricing Compared to Event.Gives Pricing

Nonprofit organizations work tirelessly to raise funds for their cause and when considering which software to use, the cost of the platform is of course, a top consideration. Givebutter does not offer a Flexible Fees pricing model, meaning that the organization will pay all fees. 

Mobile bidding platforms can raise funds by 30-50%, surpassing the cost difference between plans. Event.Gives and Givebutter are both free to use. Both platforms have fee-based pricing models, with Event.Gives charging total 0 - 8% in fees, and Givebutter charging 2.9 - 7.9% in fees. With Event.Gives, you can have a free event if attendees cover all fees. Givebutter does not allow attendees to cover credit card fees, just platform. The total cost to your organization varies on how much you raise and how many attendees choose to cover fees. Previous customers have shared Givebutter pricing on, aiding in direct comparisons. NOTE: As with any pricing, please confirm pricing with Givebutter directly as costs may have adjusted and may continue to adjust in the future. 

Here is an overview of the feature comparisons and the pricing breakdown is shown on slide 3.


Ready To Make Your Next Event A Success?

Both platforms have great reviews and are well respected in the industry, so as you consider what platform is best for your next event, it will come down to your top priorities. 

  • If your organization utilizes extensive peer-to-peer fundraising, Givebutter’s approach may be the best option.
  • For pre-event consulting and day-of-event support, Event.Gives is the winner.
  • If you are wanting to use the max bid feature, until Event.Gives unlocks Max Bid on their platform, you are better suited to use Givebutter. 
  • Event.Gives shines with table management and instant payout, offering a seamless end-to-end experience

In terms of pricing, Event.Gives' affordability and flexible fee structure make it a compelling choice. 

Navigating the intricate landscape of modern fundraising technology requires event organizers to carefully consider suitability and budget constraints. This comprehensive analysis delves into fundraising software, spotlighting two prominent contenders: Givebutter and Event.Gives. This examination, focusing on optimizing value through cost-effective solutions, meticulously dissects the structures of Givebutter Pricing, aiming to empower event organizers with well-informed decisions. By thoroughly evaluating the pricing models, features, and capabilities of both platforms, this comparison serves as an invaluable compass for those pursuing a harmonious blend of functionality and budget-consciousness. Our primary goal is to guide you toward a thoughtful choice that seamlessly aligns with your event goals while meeting your budget requirements.

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