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Make it as easy as possible for your donors to give. Attendees can donate with a single button click or through our text-to-donate feature. Maximize fundraising efforts and provide a seamless experience for your donors during your next event!

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One Click Donations

Event.Gives makes it effortless for your attendees to donate! The "Donate Now" feature is a great way to accept donations before, during, and after your event! On your unique site, a blue “Donate Now” bar will make donating as easy as one click. You can set three fixed giving levels for your attendees. But, they will always have the option to enter a custom amount. This is a great feature to get your donors in the giving mood before your event! As soon as you are done accepting donations, you turn off the “Donate Now” feature in the manager portal. 

Our text-to-donate feature makes on-the-go donating possible! Your donors can text the word “Donate” to your event, followed by the amount they would like to give. This will automatically add the donated amount to their cart. When they are ready to check out, all donations, items, and raffle tickets will appear in their cart for a seamless, one-time transaction. 

If you are doing a paddle raise at your event, our “Quick Donations” feature is crucial for entering real-time donations. You can lock in the donation amount and quickly enter paddle numbers as the auctioneer calls them out. This allows your donors to be recognized on screen, and they can see your thermometer rise. With Event.Gives, donating is easy, fun, and interactive. 

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