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Max Bid empowers donors to set their maximum bid for items of interest and automatically increases their bid when competing offers arise. This not only enhances the donor experience but also drives up final auction prices by 38%, resulting in higher fundraising revenues for nonprofit organizations.

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Max Bid Capabilities

Event.Gives' Max Bid feature empowers donors to set their maximum bid for items they're interested in, and the system automatically increases their bid in preset increments when competing bids are placed. What's truly remarkable is the impact it makes on fundraising efforts. It not only enhances the donor experience by simplifying the bidding process but also drives up the final auction prices by 38%. This means more funds raised for your cause, often surpassing the amounts you might have obtained through traditional, manual bidding. It's a win-win – donors secure items they're passionate about without constant monitoring, and nonprofits maximize their fundraising potential.

The Max Bid feature takes your fundraising events to the next level, ensuring that each donor's contributions are optimized. It creates a sense of excitement and competition among bidders, which drives up the final prices and, consequently, the amount of support your organization receives. Donors appreciate the convenience and transparency of the system, and nonprofits benefit from increased revenues. It's a feature that not only simplifies the process but also has a substantial impact on the success of your auctions and, ultimately, the difference you can make for your mission.

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