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Wrapping up the night has never been easier. Event.Gives’ mobile check-out offers a secure and streamlined payment process that allows attendees to make donations and complete transactions from anywhere. Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card.

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Avoid Check Out Lines With Easy Mobile Payments

One of Event.Gives passions is creating a line-free checkout! Event.Gives makes checkout easy through the use of mobile payout. 

Our system can simply send out a ‘Payment Link’’ to all attendees with an outstanding balance in their cart! When the attendee receives the link, all they have to do is click, and they are automatically logged into their account and brought to their cart. Just like magic! The final step is adding a credit card, Apple pay, or Google pay and clicking the ‘Pay’ button. 

This process eliminates the need for lines at checkout! Your attendees only have to show proof of their paid cart, and the checkout volunteer will provide the items they won. Mobile checkout with Event.Gives is key to Fanatical fundraising!

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