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Our Customer Success team is here to coach you through our best practices, support services, and collection of fundraising tools. They are a crucial component of our mission to provide top-notch event planning and fundraising solutions!

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Tips For Event Planning

We are here to help you become the most successful you can be! As Coaches, our passion is to help you exceed your goals. So, we give you the playbook for all of the Event.Gives features.

Event coaching is an integral part of the fundraising process. After researching other platforms, we found a significant gap in our industry - reliable support.

So, we developed our coaching program with Event Organizers in mind. EOs can join learning sessions, set up training sessions, and more before their big event. Event.Gives knows the value of a platform with necessary features while providing unwavering support. Whether you are a month or years away from your next event, we are here to help every step of the way. 

Regular calls and emails are complimentary through Event.Gives. We’re happy to give you the best practices for our platform and your next event. Our Coaches are experienced experts in the fundraising space. Our Coaches would love to meet your team and go over the details of your event to ensure success!

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Get back to the real reason for your events, valuable time with your attendees!

We know how stressful event organizing can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us simplify your process. Hit the ground running by accessing our platform right now - it’s free!

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