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Our mobile scanner feature gets attendees through the door in record time, allowing them to start enjoying your event right away. Ensure a positive and stress-free experience from ticket purchase to check-out with Event.Gives’ mobile ticket scanner.

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About this feature

The #1 cause for low donor engagement is a bad check in experience 

At Event.Gives, we have helped produce over 2000 events and learned first hand how detrimental a bad check in experience can be. And that's where our scanner feature comes in - it gets attendees through the door in record time! 

Volunteers can scan attendees' mobile tickets, check them in, assign paddle numbers, and update info quickly, efficiently, and securely. This means attendees can breeze through check-in with their mobile devices, eliminating lines and tedious paper-based systems.

One of the best things about the check-in feature is its real-time data on event attendance. This data can help organizers track attendance, monitor event performance, and even make real-time adjustments to the event program. The data captured during check-in can also provide insights into attendee behavior and preferences, which can help organizers plan future events. 

With Event.Gives, you can trust that your attendees will have a positive experience from start to finish - from purchasing tickets to checking out. Our check-in feature ensures the process runs smoothly and seamlessly in the background, so organizers can focus on delivering a fantastic event.

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