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Collect valuable information and secure funding from your largest supporters and their guests before your event even begins. Create customized sponsorship packages to ensure that sponsors feel valued and that their contributions are aligned with their goals!

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Monetize Your Fundraising Event Through Donor Management and Corporate Sponsors

Understanding the Significance of Fundraising Event Sponsors

We recognize the crucial role sponsors play in the success of fundraising events and understand the value of their time. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to empower event organizers right from the outset, facilitating seamless donor management and corporate sponsor integration.

Streamlining Sponsorships with RSVP Links and Real-Time Ticket Assignments

Our innovative RSVP Sponsor links revolutionize the way sponsors interact with event planning. Sponsors can effortlessly assign or reassign guest tickets in real time, streamlining the entire process. By providing names and phone numbers, sponsors ensure that their guests receive ticket links promptly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for everyone involved. They even have access to their guests tickets from both their phones or computers to ensure their guests have a positive experience as they arrive to the event.

The RSVP links provided by Event.Gives not only benefit sponsors but also contribute to elevating the overall guest experience. Sponsors, as hosts of tables, gain control and confidence in managing their guests efficiently. This not only streamlines the ticketing process but also ensures that guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment they receive their tickets.

Showcasing Sponsors Throughout the Event

Our software goes beyond just facilitating the management of sponsors; it also offers multiple opportunities for Event Organizers to showcase their sponsors and express gratitude.

Event websites serve as a powerful platform for showcasing sponsors and attracting potential sponsors. With Event.Gives, Event Organizers can strategically target sponsors and place company logos on event websites, creating a visible and impactful display of gratitude. This not only acknowledges sponsors but also enhances their visibility within the event community and beyond.

The company's logos can be prominently displayed on the event website, item cards, and even on display screens throughout the venue. This not only serves as a gesture of appreciation but also acts as a powerful marketing tool for sponsors and ultimately drives more corporate sponsorships for your fundraising event.

Unlocking the Power of Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Event.Gives provides a platform for sponsors to go beyond traditional contributions. Through our software, sponsors can purchase tables or make direct donations to support fundraising events. This flexibility ensures that sponsors can choose the level of involvement that aligns with their goals and allows for a more personalized engagement with both the sponsor and event.

We understand the unique needs of nonprofit events and offers customizable sponsorship packages. Whether it's securing sponsorships from board members or reaching out to potential sponsors, our software provides the tools needed to tailor sponsorship packages to specific nonprofit event requirements. This ensures a targeted and effective approach to securing sponsorships.

Enhancing Efficiency with Table Management Features

Event Organizers benefit from our user-friendly table management tools, which play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of fundraising events. These features not only facilitate efficient guest management but also make last-minute changes a breeze with just a few clicks. Event.Gives is committed to making the management of sponsorships stress-free, enjoyable, and truly Fanatical!

Event.Gives is dedicated to revolutionizing the way fundraising events monetize their sponsors. From seamless donor management and corporate sponsor integration to customizable sponsorship packages and efficient guest management, our software provides a comprehensive solution. Elevate your fundraising events by unlocking the full potential of sponsorships with Event.Gives. Book a call to learn how our sponsor features can benefit your next event.

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