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Collect valuable information and secure funding from your largest supporters and their guests before your event even begins. Create customized sponsorship packages to ensure that sponsors feel valued and that their contributions are aligned with their goals!

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Monetize Your Event Sponsors

Event.Gives understands the importance of your sponsors and how valuable their time is. We created easy-to-use tools that provide Event Organizers with the most accurate information right from the start. 

Using the RSVP Sponsor links, Sponsors can easily assign or reassign their guest tickets in real time. By providing names and phone numbers, their guests get ticket links and are ready for the event! 

Once the information is collected from the sponsors, Event Organizers can use table management and other features to ensure a smooth event. Table management also makes those last-minute changes a breeze with a few clicks of a button. Event.Gives makes managing sponsorships stress-free, fun, and Fanatical!

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