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Auction Item Management

Revolutionize your live auction experience with our dynamic item management system, designed for efficiency and success. Capture the essence of your luxury goods and new items through vivid photos and compelling descriptions, ensuring they shine in both live and online auctions.

Event.Gives provides a sophisticated platform for managing your live auction items seamlessly, offering real-time updates, automated cart integration, and comprehensive analytics. Maximize your fundraising potential and elevate the excitement of the day of your live auction with our cutting-edge live auction software.

Auction Item Management
online ticketing

Online Ticketing

Optimize your event planning by incorporating ticket sales seamlessly into our auction software. This streamlined approach not only enhances efficiency but also strategically collects crucial information, including payment details and donor information, well before your guests arrive. Selling tickets through the same software fosters familiarity among supporters, ensuring they are well-versed in the platform before the event kicks off, eliminating any time loss for donations and bids.

Additionally, utilizing the software for ticket sales facilitates smooth check-ins, allowing organizers to have all guest information in advance, enabling the pre-event distribution of ticket links and blast messages to build anticipation for your upcoming live auction. Gain valuable insights into your online auction and/or local auctions with our software, offering customizable reports, user-friendly dashboards, and detailed analytics that empower organizers to make real-time decisions, thereby maximizing fundraising potential. Rely on us to provide the essential data for a seamless and successful live auction event.


Paddle Numbers and Table Management

Facilitate seamless live auction experiences with our software, optimizing paddle number and table assignments for smooth operations. Integrating paddle numbers into our system automates the addition of won items to guests' carts, ensuring a swift and hassle-free checkout process. These paddle numbers are intricately linked to each attendee's profile, simplifying data tracking and donation management throughout your online and local auctions.

Additionally, our software allows for the efficient input of table numbers, ensuring organized and informed guests at your upcoming auction events. The assignment of both table and paddle numbers triggers automated welcome texts upon check-in, offering a convenient reminder to attendees of their designated table and paddle numbers, fostering clear and straightforward communication.

Efficiently streamline the check-in process at live auctions by incorporating paddle numbers and table assignments into our software, diminishing the risk of long lines and confusion. The integration of paddle numbers with attendee profiles guarantees a smooth and accurate bidding experience, enhancing overall event efficiency.

Paddle Numbers and Table Management
Interactive Auction Display

Interactive Auction Display

Elevate the excitement of your live auction with our cutting-edge interactive auction display feature. This innovative tool showcases the current item being auctioned off, providing attendees with captivating visuals and detailed information during the live bidding process. Whether you're hosting a in person gala auction, or online auction our display is designed to engage participants and maximize bids.

For hybrid events, it seamlessly integrates online bids, creating a dynamic and inclusive bidding experience. Elevate your live auction with our state-of-the-art display technology, ensuring a visually stunning and successful fundraising event.


Real Time Reporting

Gain invaluable insights into your live auction event with our comprehensive data reporting feature. Our software delivers real-time updates, allowing event organizers to access key metrics and make strategic decisions throughout the auction. Track the number of active bidders, monitor auction items meeting reserve prices, and stay informed about attendee check-ins.

With customizable reports, user-friendly dashboards, and detailed analytics, our live auction software ensures you have the data necessary to maximize fundraising potential. Trust us to provide the insights you need for a successful and data-driven live auction event.

Real Time Reporting
Mobile Check Out

Mobile Check Out

‍Facilitate seamless checkouts with our mobile check-out feature, enabling attendees to make payments and donations from anywhere, enhancing the overall experience of your live auction event. Eliminate the hassle of waiting in line by empowering event organizers to send out payment links through our blast messaging feature. Guests can effortlessly view items and donations in their carts and complete transactions directly from their seats, cars, or the comfort of their couch.

The convenience extends beyond the event, as our secure payment processing through Stripe ensures a safe and efficient process for supporting your cause even after the live auction concludes. Maximize fundraising success with this user-friendly mobile check-out feature, enhancing engagement and promoting continued support for your mission.

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