Printable Scribe Sheets

Jaclyn Risser
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Elevate Precision With Scribe Sheets

At the core of every successful fundraising event lies precision and efficiency, and our Scribe Sheets are the key to achieving just that. Designed to streamline your paddle raise, live auction, and pre-commit segments, these printable sheets empower your volunteers and staff to capture donations with unmatched accuracy. These sheets are not just tools; they are your secret weapons for creating a seamless, engaging, and lucrative fundraising experience.

Record Your Donations With Ease

Each sheet provides a dedicated space for recording donor information, donation amounts, and any special notes, ensuring that no contribution goes unnoticed. With the guidance provided, your team can effortlessly keep pace with the energy and excitement of your event, without the risk of missing a beat. Whether it's the rapid-fire bids of a live auction, the strategic pre-commit pledges, or the enthusiastic support during a paddle raise, these sheets transform the chaos of your fundraising event into a well-orchestrated symphony of giving, guaranteeing that your fundraising goals are not just met but exceeded.

With our Scribe Sheets in hand, you unlock a new level of precision and confidence at your fundraising event. No longer will you struggle to keep up with the fast-paced nature of your live auction, or risk misrecording a crucial pre-commitment pledge. Your volunteers and staff become the backbone of your fundraising success, and your donors will appreciate the accuracy and professionalism that these sheets bring to the table.


Download The Scribe Sheets

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