Manager Portal Step-by-Step Guide

Created by Jenny Shupert
woman showing another woman how to use the computer

Setting Up Your Successful Fundraising Event

The Event.Gives "How To" Guide is your comprehensive companion, offering step-by-step instructions to seamlessly set up your event on our software so you can navigate the setup process effortlessly. This guide walks you through the initial steps, from creating your event to customizing settings to align with your cause's mission. Learn how to leverage our user-friendly interface to input essential details such as event dates, times, and locations. With clear instructions, you'll swiftly establish the foundation for your successful fundraising event.

Strategic Setup for Maximum Impact

Discover the strategic elements that can elevate your fundraising potential. The guide delves into key considerations, including setting up your silent auction, optimizing ticket sales, and incorporating mobile bidding for an interactive and engaging experience. Uncover tips and tricks to enhance the visibility of your auction items, strategically plan your event schedule, and use our tools to boost attendee engagement. By following these strategic steps, you'll not only streamline your event setup but also position yourself for a prosperous fundraising venture. The Event.Gives "How To" Guide is your go-to resource for turning your event vision into a reality and achieving fundraising success.


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