Spotlight Auctioneer: Justin Swisher

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Morgan Pepple
June 14, 2023
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Who is Justin Swisher?

This month we are spotlighting one of the best in the game Justin Swisher

With more than 15 years behind the gavel, Justin Swisher brings industry best practices to non-profit organizations across the country. His clients consistently exceed their goals through fun, exciting events and ask him back year after year. 

Justin is continually honing his skills and looking for new ways to improve the bidder experience; he is Fanatical about breaking fundraising records for worthy causes. Justin is honored to be a part of this important work! 

What made you move into the non-profit fundraising space? 

I carry a tremendous passion for what we do, helping non-profits from New York to Florida and the Caribbean to maximize their revenue. This opportunity, for many organizations, is their largest fundraising event and revenue opportunity of the entire year! My auction work began in 2004, selling artwork, which led to luxury real estate auctions. Along with a team, we were selling multi-million dollar properties at auction. I began doing some benefit auctions and learned about nonprofits' need for specialized support from an Auctioneer like myself for their events. 

I began to get hired by national non-profits, and those groups allowed me to host their events in other markets which broadened my exposure, leading to calls by more non-profits each year. It wasn’t long before I moved full-time into nonprofit fundraising. I got to where I didn’t have time for anything else and realized I had found my calling.  

What was one client's experience raising funds in the nonprofit space with SWISHER AUCTIONS LLC?  

Swisher auctioneers are dedicated to increasing the funds raised for your organization. One client raised as much as 3.5 million when we started working with them. Their most recent event number exceeded 11 million. 

Why partner with Event.Gives?

Ease of use, highly competitive mobile bidding platform specific for non-profit fundraising, an advisory board of Auctioneers, and a tech company that listens to what Auctioneers and their clients want in a platform. Event.Gives incorporates the feedback given and improves their platform for all users. 

What is your favorite feature to use on Event.Gives? 

I like how easy it is for my client to create a website, add their items, arrange their order, and promote their event in no time. They can sell tickets, raffle tickets, host their silent, and allow donors to preview the upcoming live auction items in one place. Event.Gives enables Event Organziers to provide guests with all the information they need about their event,

How does Event.Gives make your job easier? 

I appreciate the ability to view the event on the backend. I can help clients with item arrangements. Adding consignment items for clients is easy for me and simple for them to publish. I love how easy the platform is to navigate. I can quickly duplicate an item during checkout should something have sold a second time by surprise. 

For a few clients of mine still doing virtual events, nothing compares to Event Gives, as the real-time streaming capability lets me conduct a fun and engaging auction from my home studio with audiences from around the world. This spring, we have two clients hosting virtual events to connect with donors across the US and internationally. They would not have been able to attend one of their events otherwise. 

If you are interested in booking Justin for an upcoming event, click here!

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