Spotlight Auctioneer: Christie King

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Savannah Ray
March 23, 2023
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Who is Christie King?

For 16 years, Christie has been working with charity auctions as an auctioneer and fundraising consultant. During this time, she was the 1st female president of the National Auctioneer Association and was nominated into the Hall of Fame by her fellow NAA peers. 

Her passion and enthusiasm for the nonprofit community make her excel at her job. Christie goes the extra mile for her clients, proven by the money she raises at each auction. Her experience and expertise are what sets her apart from the rest. We are so thankful to have Christie as an Auctioneer Partner. 

1. What is it that you love about your job?  

I’m a people pleaser, and I love helping people, help people. Being a fundraising professional gives me the ability to help my nonprofit clients structure their events to maximize their fundraising opportunities. 

This includes bestselling live auction items, a fundraising night of Run of Show/Timeline, and setting up a proper Fund-A-Need/Paddle Raise. I then get to facilitate their fundraising and watch each person in attendance give and give. Watching everyone open their hearts with their money gives me great joy, and I love what I do!

2. What is the hardest part about being an auctioneer?   

Probably the stress associated with being a partner of my clients.  My clients put their trust in me with their largest budgeted income line item.  This is serious business for them and is for me as well.

3. What is the most unique item you have ever sold? The highest price item?  

My most unique item recently would be a roll of CHEAP toilet paper at the start of the pandemic.  You couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere in March of 2020!  We sold the toilet paper for $1,700!  We had fun doing so, and the bidders gave from the heart. The highest-priced item would be a diamond and sapphire ring for $205,000 (Valued at $60,000).

4. What stands out to you about Event.Gives compared to other platforms?  How does Event.Gives make your job easier?

The Event.Gives platform is easy to understand for both the nonprofit and the guest’s participating in the platform. From a facilitator’s standpoint, I love the fact that my clients can pivot if needed. If certain high-end donors are unable to attend the event, we can add the zero-latency online bidding feature so they can participate in the live event.  That is a win-win for everyone. 

Because I am a partner with Event.Gives, I am added to the backend of the platform so I can view all of the details in real-time with my clients. This helps me counsel them and gives me direct access to the information that I need for the event night.

5. What is your favorite Event.Gives feature?   

I think the ease with which guests can participate when bidding on auction items.  It is also versatile for both hybrid and live events.

6. What have you learned in working with charity auctions? 

The event is not about me, the auctioneer, but instead, it’s all about the nonprofit.  I am their ambassador, and my goal is to represent my clients to be the best they can be and raise the most money possible. 

7. How did you get started as an auctioneer?  

This is a question that isn’t as easy as one would think. While I am a 4th generation auctioneer, I didn’t want to go into the auction business when I was young. I watched my father generation auctioneer stay on the road all the time and work weekends. I didn’t want that for my family when I became an adult.  

I went to college and became a Veterinarian Technician. After working for five years at a local veterinarian’s office, my dad approached me and asked if I would be his receptionist at the family real estate auction company. I asked what he would pay me, as any 26-year-old would ask. He said, “I’ll pay you $5.00 an hour”, 12 cents more than I was making. I took the job.  

Thirty-six years later, I am grateful for the opportunity that he gave me. While I worked in the family business for 20 years, I fell in love with the auction industry, and in 2007, I started C King Benefit Auctions with my family’s blessing. I wanted to do more to help people, and I am now doing what I love!

8. Final words or thoughts?    

I love the fundraising community and watching bidders get excited while they support their favorite organization. 

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