How to Host a Poker Tournament That Drives Recurring Donations

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McKenna Mann
November 16, 2023
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Poker tournaments are not only a thrilling way to spend an evening with friends but can also serve as a powerful tool to drive recurring donations for a charitable cause. In this blog, we'll explore how to host a successful poker tournament that not only entertains your participants but also encourages them to make recurring donations to your cause. With the right strategy, you can turn a fun game night into a sustainable source of support for your charity.

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Organize a Well-Structured Tournament

A well-structured poker tournament is essential for success. Here are some key considerations:

1. Buy-In and Rebuys 

Determine the buy-in amount and rules for rebuys, if any. A portion of these funds can go directly to the charity.

2. Blind Structure 

Plan a blind structure that ensures the tournament doesn't drag on for too long. You want participants to have fun without it becoming an all-night affair.

3. Prizes 

Offer attractive prizes for winners, which can be donated by sponsors or individuals. Highlight these prizes to entice more participants.

4. Tournament Software 

Plan to use Event.Gives to assist with selling tickets, add-ins, re-buys, raffles, etc. You can also look into using a poker tournament specific software to automate blind level changes, track chip counts, and provide real-time updates to participants.

Recurring Donation Options

To encourage recurring donations, consider these strategies:

1. Monthly Pledge 

During the tournament, encourage participants to commit to a monthly recurring donation. You can provide the option to set up automatic donations through Event.Gives.

2. Suggested Donation Levels 

On Event.Gives, you can preset three flat donation levels. You will also be collecting donations each time someone purchases rebuys or add-ons.

3. Donation Matching 

Secure a donation matching pledge from a sponsor or a generous donor. For every dollar raised during the tournament, the sponsor matches it, doubling the impact.

Promote Your Event

To attract participants and maximize donations, you need to effectively promote your poker tournament. Here's how:

1. Social Media 

Use social media platforms to blast your Event.Gives page, post updates, and engage with potential participants. Encourage sharing and tagging to expand your reach.

2. Email Marketing 

Send out your Event.Gives page and event updates to your email list. Personalize your emails and explain the impact of their support.

3. Flyers and Posters 

Create eye-catching posters and flyers to promote the event in your local community. Add on a QR code that takes scanners to your Event.Gives page.

4. Partner with Local Businesses 

Collaborate with local businesses that may be interested in sponsoring or participating in the tournament. They can help with promotion and may even be able to provide prizes.

Engage Participants

Make sure to engage participants throughout the tournament to foster a sense of community and commitment to your cause:

1. Share Stories 

Share stories about the impact of donations on your charity's work. Personal testimonials from beneficiaries can be particularly powerful.

2. Highlight Progress 

Keep participants informed about the progress of the tournament, such as the total donations raised and the number of recurring donors. You can utilize Event.Gives’ Live Display feature to highlight real time donations and total event earnings on displays around the venue. 

3. Recognize Supporters 

Publicly acknowledge and thank participants and donors during the event, through social media, and on your charity's website.

Start planning your poker tournament today!

Hosting a poker tournament that drives recurring donations is an excellent way to support a charitable cause while providing a fun, unique, and entertaining experience for your participants. By communicating your organization’s mission well, structuring the tournament effectively, offering compelling prizes, and implementing donation strategies, you can create a winning formula for long-term support. Remember to engage your participants, promote your event, and keep them informed about the impact of their contributions. With a well-executed plan, your poker tournament can become a recurring success for both your charity and your community.

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