4 Fun Ways to Thank Your Sponsors

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Jenny Shupert
February 21, 2023
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As we know, fundraising events can’t happen without the help and support from the sponsors. While having the financial support of your sponsors is greatly appreciated, developing long-lasting relationships with them goes far beyond a financial contribution. 

Thanking your sponsors is a crucial part of the relationship-building process, especially when doing it in a unique and fun way!

Thank them with a special email and personalized video

While writing a thank you letter is an excellent way to directly show appreciation, a special email including a customized video can take this age-old process and transform it to a whole new level. Getting your entire company involved in the video shows that every person understands the importance of the relationship with your sponsor. Your sponsors can put faces to names they may only see in an email or on a website.

This is also a great way to highlight your company culture, making your sponsor feel more connected to the people and the cause. Again, a thank you letter is nice, but a fun and uplifting video can easily bring a smile to your sponsor's face!

Create a unique hashtag

Another great way to show appreciation for your sponsors is to create unique hashtags that include their company names. Hashtags are critical in gaining recognition across all social platforms, so why not help boost the momentum by doing it for them? This takes little time to create, but the impact can be significant. It also helps your cause because you will receive recognition each time it is used; it's truly a win-win!

Make them part of your event

By making your sponsors a part of your event, it provides them more exposure. Posting their logos throughout your event, whether it be cast on a large screen or the front page of your event program, is a great opportunity to show your gratitude. Incorporating a thank you to your sponsors in speeches at your event is another personal way to make them part of your event. 

Create a raffle entry each time an attendee thanks a sponsor

This is another creative way to not only show recognition to your sponsors but also to involve your attendees. After all, who doesn’t love the excitement and anticipation of winning a raffle item, especially if all it takes is showing appreciation? Having individual attendees post on their social media accounts can multiply your audience while giving your sponsors more recognition and appreciation. After all, they are helping make your event a success for your attendees!

Nothing is more special to your sponsors than taking the time to thank them personally. No matter the size of the sponsorship or your organization, gratitude is always appreciated. A sponsor thank you is a great time to get your team and donors involved to make an even greater impact. Use these tips to nurture lasting relationships with your sponsors and watch the support for your organization grow! 

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