How To Make Donating Easy for Your Next Fundraiser With Event.Gives

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McKenna Mann
March 23, 2023
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person putting their credit card information into their computer

Fundraising is all about one thing: contributing money to a cause that you care about. Event.Gives makes donating easy for attendees and collecting money easy for event organizers. Read below to learn how to donate with our innovative and intuitive event-planning platform!

Ticket Collection

Event.Gives ticket selection in our software

From the moment your attendees purchase their ticket(s), you are collecting money for your cause. Event.Gives utilizes a 0% platform fee, meaning the funds collected from your tickets go straight into your organization's bank account (except for credit card fees, more on that below).

Donors Can Cover Credit Card Fees

A screenshot of the Event.Gives software where attendees can select to cover credit card fees

With the Live Pro or Premium Plan, your donors can opt to cover the credit card fees for your organization. Credit card fees amount to 3.5% plus 30 cents per transaction. Now, the entire purchase amount will go straight to your organization. According to Firespring, about 65% of donors are willing to cover those fees to further help their organization or cause.

Item Purchases

A list of items for purchase or bid in the Event.Gives software

Whether your attendees are purchasing raffle tickets, fixed-price items, or bidding on auction items, they donate to your organization with each transaction. You can even create a fixed-price donation "item" for attendees to quickly add to their carts before they check out!

"Donate Now" Button on Your Event Site

One of the easiest ways to donate with Event.Gives is to toggle your "Donate Now" button for your attendee event site. This will display a screen-wide blue bar that attendees simply click to donate. On the manager portal, you can input three giving levels for donors to choose from. Or, they can enter a custom amount!


A donate now button on an event site

Paddle Raise and Quick Donate

Your live, virtual, or hybrid event can easily host a paddle raise using the Quick Donate and Lock/Unlock Amount features on the manager portal. During your paddle raise, attendees will either raise their paddles or press buttons on their screens to donate preset amounts.

A gif of someone pugging in a paddle number for a $250 donation

Fundraising should be easy. With Event.Gives, it's simple and straightforward, and it doesn't take much time or effort. For more information on Event.Gives, click here to book a call with one of our Customer Success Coaches!

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