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Sell tickets, manage attendees and donor engagement, capture donations, and more with Event.Gives. Built by a team fanatical about your event’s success.

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Ensuring A delightful attendee experience from start to finish


Easily create your fundraising event website and sell tickets immediately

Create your event in minutes! Get started by selling custom tickets and organizing fundraising activities with our intuitive platform.

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Blazing-fast Event check in

Breeze through check-in like never before. Event.Gives' tickets and built-in scanner feature gives your attendees a smooth check-in experience.
We don’t do wait times or lines.

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Engage in real-time with auctions, donations, and more

Feel the energy from your attendees when you engage in real-time during auctions and donations. Our full-featured fundraising tools will inspire generosity and enthusiasm at your event!

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Your attendees can pay anywhere With mobile check out

Remember, we don't do lines.
Close your event and accept payments with one click. Your attendees will receive a text to confirm their winnings, instantly check-out, and claim their items on the way out.

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Newest Feature

AI Item DISCriptions

Event.Gives' AI item description generator revolutionizes auction listings by crafting tailored DISCriptions aligned with DISC personality profiles. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it optimizes engagement and bidding activity, maximizing fundraising outcomes effortlessly.

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Get a team of Fanatics dedicated to your event’s success

Our Expert Customer Success Team is here to help the moment you create your event. No one knows your attendees better than you. With over 3000+ successful events each year, we’ve had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't. Our experience united with your mastery will create a new standard for success. So, let’s get started!

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Customer Support

At Event.Gives, customer support is at the center of what we do. Your event success is our success. If you need us, our team is ready and waiting for you seven days a week! Get in touch, we’ll make a great team.

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We’re Helping Organizations Exceed Their Fundraising Goals:

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Loved by Event Organizers of all kinds.

A Quality Experience

"Event.Gives offers a high-quality platform for those looking to host non-profit auctions or other events."

Rebekah W.
Content Strategist

Event.Gives is the ONLY platform that I will use for my non-profit events

"The ease of getting everything setup. The interface is GREAT and easy to work with."

Kat L.

Just what we needed at the time

"Event.Gives makes it easy to collect and retain attendee data and to follow up with donations. The texting feature is great for pre and post event!"

Kelsey T.
Marketing and Development Associate

This is "top notch" and easy to use!

"It is very user-friendly and essentially takes you through the steps that are needed. If you get stuck, easy to reach out for a tip. It produces a quality product and auction."

Thomas S.

The absolute BEST platform!

"As a fundraising auctioneer, the fact the platform has no latency is HUGE. The team at E.G. is second to NONE."

Christie K.
Professional Fundraising Auctioneer and Consultant

It is an easy system to set-up and navigate from a mangers perspective.

Upside: Easy to set up and manage, Feasibility of tracking how many tickets have been sold, Communication to ticket holders is easy.

Linda S.
Program and Operations Manager

EventGives really GIVES

"EventGives is so easy to use. The set up is intuitive. You will be raising money online quickly!"

Melissa M.
Development Director

Great System with the great support

"We loved using It made raising money and excepting money so easy for our fundraiser. It was easy for us to set up and up load pictures and videos to and it is even easier to use on the other side of it ! We found it super user friendly and the support staff they have if you have questions are very helpful!"

Becca S.
Interior Designer

Event.Gives is the Flexible Solution

"My favorite thing about this event platform is its versatility. Regardless of the needs of your event, this platform will expand or contract and do what you need it to do for live in person events, virtual events or Hybrid events."

Tony W.
Auctioneer Partner

Extremely user friendly on the backend and very clean

"Very easy for the administrator to load the text, images. Looks very clean and professional from the bidder. Easy management too during the auction and once it closes."

Megan H.
Director of Operations

Brought our annual gala event to life!!

"The easy format! Not only for our organization to set up the online format, but it is so user-friendly for all of our guests of all ages!"

Kristi H.
Director Of Special Events

Easy to set up and navigate

"Our nonprofit evaluated 4 platforms and found that Event.Gives. was one the most affordable platform to run a silent auction. Setting up, navigating, and running the event was very easy. We loved the flexibility to do add tangible items and gift cards for people to bid on and purchase outright."

Megan C.
Marketing Manager

No event is too big or too small for Event.Gives

Your school fundraiser, a high-profile gala, or even a rocking concert - we do it all. And we’re good at it too. Event.Gives is for events of every kind!

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Get back to the real reason for your events, valuable time with your attendees!

We know how stressful event organizing can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us simplify your process. Hit the ground running by accessing our platform right now - it’s free!

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