Online Event Ticketing & Speedy Event Check In

Our scanner feature gets attendees through the door in record time. Provide a positive experience from ticket purchase to check-out.

Two UI elements showing a event attendee card with their status, and two checkboxes to check if their card is on file and if they have checked-in on the event, plus a card showing a ticket with a QR code for fast check ingraphical user interface

About this feature

In the event world, seamless check-in is the starting point for a great event. Our scanner feature gets attendees through the door in record time! From purchasing tickets to checking out, we ensure that your attendees have a positive experience from start to finish.

When purchasing tickets, your attendees will create an account with their name, phone number, and email. This allows you to communicate with your donors via text or email through the platform. You may require attendees also to input their addresses, or if you are selling tickets for free, you may require a credit card anyways. By sending a blast text ticket link 30-60 minutes before your event, your guests will have no trouble finding and accessing their tickets when they get to the front of the line. Your ticket holders will present their QR code ticket to a staff member or volunteer at check-in, who will scan them into the event in seconds. With contact information and credit cards in the system combined with QR code tickets and our scanner feature, check-in is a breeze. 

No lines mean happy guests; happy guests mean more donations!

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