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Event.Gives Raffles

Mobile paper-less raffles delivered

No ticket stubs, no wheel, no tracking down winners. We digitalize the entire process. Simply click a “Draw” button when you are ready to announce a winner. We handle the rest…

Gift cards are an easy item to raffle and are very easy to price. Many stores will be willing to donate products or gift cards for you to raffle off. Store owners will love donating gift cards because it brings people in where they will see other products that may interest them. If you are considering having a raffle to raise money for a cause you should checkout Event.Gives. Event.Gives helps fundraising event organizers raffle items to raise more money with our raffle software. We provide quick and easy ways for you to raise more money with our technology. You will sell more raffle tickets than ever before with our raffle software. Give us a try today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]