Event.Gives Mobile Check Out

Guests will checkout via shopping cart directly from the platform. Similar to shopping online, all of your guest’s items will be in one place.


Event.Gives provides mobile checkout to kill the line at your gala or fundraiser and keep your guests happy. Our mobile checkout avoids long lines at the end of the event that people have to wait in and attendees can pay with their card on file right from their phones. They no longer have to wait to pay, they receive a text to their phone confirming their winnings, the attendees simply click to pay, and pick up any auction/raffle items on the way out.  Just about any item for every kind of charity event is available in an attendee’s mobile checkout cart.

After the event the winners receive a text and pay right from their phones. With Event.Gives software there is now no necessary item sheets, but instead, there is easy checkout and no lines after the event is over that make matters difficult. Many people have used our charity software and have taken advantage of our mobile checkout feature. This creates happy event planners who will be excited to use our software for the next event. It also creates happy attendees who will love to return next year for an Event.Gives hosted charity. Try Event.Gives for your next charity event and see for yourself how mobile checkout will change your event for the better to help you raise more.