Ways to Capture Your Attendee Data!

August 30, 2019

Now that you have created your event, it’s time to start inviting as many people as you can to join in and to be engaged! And let’s face it, collecting attendee data can be stressful, time-consuming and, well, overwhelming. And one of the most important pieces of event organization is collecting your attendees’ information. Gathering names, phone numbers and credit card information should be a breeze, not a hassle! That’s where Event.Gives steps in. With our ticketing system capturing attendee data, we take the burden off of event organizers by collecting this crucial information for you. Event.Gives offers a variety of ways to reach attendees all while collecting data so you can sit back, relax and get back to doing what you were here to do – raising the most money you can for your event!

Ticket Purchase

Each event or fundraiser that is created, Event.Gives will also generate a website for your attendees to purchase their tickets to your event, along with any additional items for purchase such as raffle tickets, auction items or other fundraising opportunities that are available. With our ticketing system, we collect attendees’ names, mobile numbers and payment information upon every ticket purchase. Without downloading an app, your attendees now have access to your event items at all times and can purchase additional tickets if they would like! Once a ticket is purchased, we marry the ticket holders’ payment information to their mobile number and the Event.Gives system continues automated engagements to them via SMS leading up to and during your event, and even sends post-event messaging.

Text in Keyword

Every event is assigned a custom keyword that is chosen by the event organizer that users/attendees will use to text one of our numbers. Our system will then respond to the user with your custom Event Welcome Message along with a magic link to the call to action for your event, whether that is ordering tickets, purchasing raffle tickets, bidding on auction items or making a donation. As an event organizer, you have the option to change the setting that requires users to enter additional information such as their email and credit card information prior to engaging with your event site. The magic link that is sent to users is generated based on the mobile number your event keyword was received from. Since event users and attendees are created by mobile numbers, even if the user is new to the system or not, based on the mobile number the keyword was received from users will be automatically logged into your event when clicking our magic link.

You can promote your keyword prior to your event by sharing it along with the number to text the keyword to. Event.Gives will also create an event poster that can be used during your event that displays this information to engage attendees who might have not purchased a ticket, but want to bid on items you may have!

Text ‘tryit’ to 843.606.5995 to join the event

Organizer SMS Push

Event organizers can enter any mobile number into the system to invite anyone to participate in your event. The users that are manually entered will receive the same personalized welcome message and magic link as if they had texted the event keyword as described above. All the attendee data we collect from ticketing sales are available to the event organizer across all events and can be exported/imported into other systems. Utilize the Blast Message feature within your “Event Messaging” tab post-event to engage your attendees in any future events
The data that can be exported includes all your ticket holders’ information. store it to reach out for any upcoming events you may want to invite them to!

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