Text to Give For More Donations at Your Charity Event

July 25, 2019

Event.Gives text.gives attribute will accelerate the revenue you can acquire for your charity. Text.gives is literally the most simplistic way for anyone to donate for anything. Here’s how it works. Click on the text.gives menu on the Event.Gives website. This will connect you to the text.gives texting to donate portion of our website. Here you will create a unique keyword by typing one into the box. Your keyword can be anything that hasn’t been already use. If your keyword has already been used you don’t have to worry because the actual keyword you choose will have no bearing on the donations you get. Having said this, try to make your keyword relate to your cause. After you have configured your keyword Event.Gives creates an automated URL with this keyword to go hand-in-hand with our software and records.

Now you will want to type in your phone number and email. After these steps you can get started setting up your customized text to donate campaign. You will be able to customize your campaign with your already configured keyword. Then you can add a picture that supports the theme of your campaign. Once these simple steps are set up you can provide the opportunity to text to give to anyone. For people to donate all they have to do is text the keyword to the Event.Gives provided phone number. You can promote your FUND-A-NEED campaign through any kinds of social media you can think of. You can also text and email keyword and information to donate to friends and contacts. Asking for donations for a cause cannot hurt anyone and you never know who will want to help!

It is extremely easy for someone to donate once they have texted the keyword to the mobile number. To see what it’s like on the other side start by texting the keyword “tokids” to (855) 735 2437. You will instantly receive a text message asking how much you wish to donate. Enter the amount and text the number that you received the message from. Don’t worry, texting this amount doesn’t mean you have to pay anything. The “tokids” campaign is just a demo so you can see how it works. Once the amount is received you will get one more text with a link and a picture of the campaign. This link will bring you to the checkout so you can enter your information and donate. It will let you use your credit card or apple pay. It’s that simple.

Now that you know how simple this process is to use you can create your own campaign and start receiving donations right now. It doesn’t make a difference whether the event is tomorrow, 3 months down the road, or if your just raising money for a cause and there is no event! Have fun using text.gives to increase donation revenue!

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