Hiring an Event.Gives Expert to Help Your Event

September 26, 2019

Event.Gives wants every event to be amazing! Our success is tied to yours. One of the best ways to ensure your event runs smoothly is to hire an Event.Gives Event Expert. Please see below for the different levels of Event Support options that we offer.

Event.Gives Setup Support ($300)
As you begin to create your event you can hire an Event.Gives Setup Support Expert. An Event.Gives expert will set your event up for success and will provide you and your team with the right tools to make changes later. This also provides you and your team with personalized training of our full platform. We will cover both the event site and the manager dashboard.

Already have your page up and running and need additional support on the day of your event?

Event Phone Support ($300)
Remote support will provide you a direct line to an Event Expert throughout your event for up to 4 hours. They will be able to assist you and your event volunteers if you have any questions and will have a direct line to our tech team if you need troubleshooting help.
Onsite Event Expert ($750* plus travel/lodging if applicable)
An Onsite Event Expert will be by your side throughout your event for up to 4 hours. They will arrive an hour early to get your team ready, assist with check-in, monitor the auction, help guests bid, and answer questions throughout the event as well as help with check-out. The Event Expert will also have a direct line to our tech team during your event.
Event Production Support ($750)
A Production Support Expert will include 4 hours (plus 2 run-throughs) of event production support for your virtual live event. This includes following the organization’s run-of-show, pushing content and items live during the event.

You can hire an Event Expert by clicking the orange button on the "Event Settings Tab."


Please book a call with any of our amazing event representatives for guidance and tips on the best practices with the platform for your unique fundraiser! 

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