Hiring an Event.Gives Expert to Help Your Event

September 26, 2019
Some may feel slightly overwhelmed with all the different features Event.Gives provides. Though our event software is easy to setup and use if you don’t feel 100% going into your event we have an option to make you feel more confident. We offer Onsite Event Experts to assist you during your event. We do this so your event runs according to plan and you will never feel overwhelmed or unorganized during the event.

We charge just $500 for an Event.Gives onsite expert to be by your side throughout the event. They will get there early to help set up and prepare the team. They will lend a hand in the check in of the event and monitoring the auction. They will be there to answer any questions the event organizer or guests have. Monitoring the auction and helping with the check out process are other roles they will head up for the event. When you hire an event expert from Event.Gives they will also have a direct line to our tech team to help with technology changes that will fit the format of your event. A great way to verify the success of the even is by hiring an Event.Gives expert.

If you are a small non-profit getting started you can hire an Event.Gives Remote Event Expert for $200. This is a slightly cheaper option in comparison to an onsite event expert and is perfect for smaller events. This remote expert will give you a direct line to an event expert that you will be able to contact as much as you want throughout your event. This will also enable a direct line to our tech team if you require troubleshooting help and of course, a remote event expert can answer any questions you may have. Remember our success stems from your success so it’s always in our best interest to provide assistance for an incredible event.

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