Event.Gives Is A First Class Solution For Hybrid Fundraising Events!

July 27, 2021

Exceed your fundraising goals!

Hybrid events will reach a broader audience through a virtual component for your traditional in person event. A digital component to your event has proven to raise more funds for your non-profit event! 

Your virtual guests will be able to bid and donate on their mobile devices or laptops while your in-person guests can either use their mobile devices or paddles to bid and donate. Each guest is assigned a paddle number that corresponds with the last four digits of their mobile number. You can assign three digit paddle numbers if you prefer that instead. 

Our team has studied the 1,000 plus events and created features to push our platform into the future of hybrid events. One of the most useful features is the 'Floor Bid'. We make it easy for all in-person bids and donations to be entered into the platform using the Floor Bid and Floor Donate features.  

David Goodman auctioneer partner at a hybrid event selling a package to both in room and online donors! 

Event.Gives is happy to provide your team with any information you need to know about how your team can raise more funds hosting a hybrid event! 

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