Charity Auction Organizer Software for Every Type of Event

February 14, 2019
If charity auction organizers put their next event online with Event.Gives they will certainly raise more money. We have software that will help charity organizers for any type of event. The main types of events we provide technology for are fundraising events, live and silent auctions, and raffles, but you can use our software for a backyard barbecue if you want. Other examples of events we have done are school and university fundraisers, adult living facility fundraisers, youth program fundraisers, cancer association fundraisers, art auctions, pro soccer jersey donations, golf tournaments and concerts.

We have a full-featured ticketing platform for any type of event you host. We also have a text to donate application that will let people donate straight from their phone without even having to form an event. Our software has managed tons of events and increased our clients’ revenue by 47% on average. Using us for any type of event is a no-brainer. Increase engagement and items making reserve. Event.Gives promises you less headaches as you prepare for your event. Let us do the hard work for you while you can sit back and watch your event thrive.

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