10 Fall-Inspired Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

September 28, 2022

The leaves are changing, the nights are crisp, and everyone’s favorite spicy drink is back at Starbucks. It’s fall, and it’s time to consider some fundraising ideas that fit the season!

We know that raising money for our cause is a top priority in the event world. The easiest way to secure those funds is through attendee engagement. 

What better way to captivate them than by hosting a game or contest? From pumpkin carving to an escape room, we have curated a list of fun games and contests for your next school fundraiser. 

Add some spice, pumpkin optional, to your event!

1. Pumpkin Carving and Painting Contest

May the best pumpkin win! 

Host a pumpkin carving contest to get your attendees in the swing of the fall holidays! Have attendees “Vote” (Donate) for their favorite pumpkin. Raise money by charging a contest entry fee and set up a jar for each pumpkin so guests can vote for their favorite. 

Or, keep it simple by taking donations at the door. Attendees will be able to carve their pumpkins and take them home.

2. Costume Contest

Costumes are a sure way to make your event fun and exciting! 

Whether your attendees choose to dress up or observe others in their attire, this is a way to boost excitement for your event. Have contest categories such as “Scariest,” “Funniest,” or “Most Original” so attendees can vote. Every vote should count as a donation!

Your organization can raise money by charging an admission fee or having attendees donate to vote for their favorite costumes!

3. Costume Walk

A 5k walk, but make it spirited! 

Attendees in costumes will pay to join the walk. People can donate to vote for their favorite costume as the various outfits pass by.

Activity and entertainment; the dynamic duo of engagement at your event!

4. Apple Bobbing Contest

Seriously, it’s a talent! 

Certify your winning apple bobbing skills while donating to a worthy cause. 

EOs have a few options for raising money. They can charge for registration, sell raffle tickets, or have attendees vote on the winner by donation!

5. Pie Baking Contest

Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey pie?

Raffle or auction off the winning pie to one lucky attendee! You can also sell drinks and other baked goods for a fixed price. Charge an entry fee or propose a fundraising minimum for people to enter the contest. 

Your attendees will have a hard time saying no to this one!

6. Rake-a-thon

In the fundraising industry, we all have one thing in common. We love to give help!

Do double the good for your community by raking leaves and raising money simultaneously. Community members can donate in exchange for a student raking the leaves in their yard. 

Or, sell a 50/50 raffle ticket or raffle off a leaf blower! Either way, all of this good will help you stay warm on a chilly fall night!

7. Trivia Night

Inspire minds and wallets with a trivia night. 

This idea is versatile. You can host inside or outside, depending on the weather. Charge teams an entrance fee to raise funds. You can also sell 50/50 raffle tickets, food and drinks, category sponsors, and mulligans!

8. Ghost Walk

There’s a fright fit for everyone!

Sell tickets for a variety of age groups, from child-friendly to R-rated. Every attendee can enjoy the spooky season with the right amount of terror. 

For additional fundraising opportunities, have games, food trucks, and other activities available in exchange for donations!

9. Bowling

Sports, fun, entertainment, and fundraising, all in one. 

This is an excellent indoor option if the fall air is too chilly for your attendees. Bowling also keeps your attendees in one space for your entire event. Have your items displayed throughout the bowling alley for an ongoing silent auction.

Selling entry tickets, raffle tickets, and food will raise more funds for your cause!

10. Escape Room 

That spooky feeling makes fall the best time for an escape room! 

Charge an entrance fee, secure an escape room willing to donate their venue, and host a small party after everyone has escaped! You can host an auction and sell raffle tickets at the party. 

Have a prize for the first group to escape!

Ready to fall into fundraising?

Your options for an exciting fall fundraiser are limitless! 

The weather is perfect for outdoor events, and there are so many fun ideas to choose from. Your organization can host an unforgettable event, indoor or outdoor. Exceed your goals with the Event.Gives list.


Create your free event now and start planning the best fall fundraiser your school has ever seen! For a personalized demo, book a call with the customer success team.

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