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In addition, TravelPledge makes it easy to encourage your supporters to step up and sponsor some or all the items at your auction. Many of your supporters might not be able to attend your event, and sponsorship is a great way for them to show their support.  Each sponsor is automatically highlighted within the promotional materials at the auction. You always keep 100% of the winning bid on sponsored items.

Perhaps the BEST part of this (world’s first) integration is that you never have to manually load the details, photos, logos, restrictions of the TravelPledge experiences that you select for your auction. With one click, your selected TravelPledge experiences are automatically added, and your attendees see the best promotional materials available from each experience provider.

The TravelPledge program is transparent, direct and efficient. Their team works hard to identify generous experience providers (golf courses, instructors, vacation providers, golf resorts, and more) and gather the best promotional materials – photos, verbiage, special information for your auctioneer and even videos- to display at your auction. Since you’re using Event.Gives, you’ll enjoy easy access to these fun experiences, you’ll maximize your donations, and your winning bidders will be very happy.

The Travelpledge financial model is likely far better than anything you’ve seen.  For example, when you sell a $500 foursome of golf, you’ll keep $400 for your organization. Compare that to a $500 old school consignment item that might have only generated a $50 donation for your great cause. On larger ticket items (like vacations, cruises and “bucket list” experiences), TravelPledge sends half of the proceeds to the experience provider, and you keep a minimum of 40% of the winning bid. Your organization also keeps 100% of the portion of the winning bid that is above its retail value. The TravelPledge model is clearly aligned with your goal of maximizing your donations and winning bidder satisfaction.

After the auction is over, your winning bidders will redeem their certificates directly with the experience providers. TravelPledge provides this direct connection to make sure that it’s easy for your winning bidders to redeem and enjoy their fun experiences.

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