Event.Gives Text-To-Donate

Texting is universal and easy. Raise funds through social media, at events, galas, golf tournaments, runs, museums, and more. Text a keyword anywhere, anytime to give. Every event automatically has text to donate.

Event.Gives Text-To-Donate

Guests can pledge a donation to the event via SMS text message with the event keyword.

Welcome to text.gives; the easiest method to raise money for a cause. Text.gives allows people to raise money for any cause with a text message. Its efficiency eliminates confusion and substantially dumbs down the process of raising money. Every event you can host with Event.Gives (which is almost any possible type of event) will have text to donate features available. They will give you the ability to donate on your desktop or mobile device through the event website. People can enter donations in the admin. To create your campaign go to https://text.gives/# and enter your campaign keyword. After you choose your keyword enter your phone number and email to activate your campaign and account. Then you sign up for a free stripe connect account. This will enable your donations to be directly deposited into your account so you can get paid. Once this is done people can start donating by text.

By texting the keyword to (843) 606-5995 donors will instantly receive a text message asking how much they wish to donate. Once the amount is entered they are able to checkout and donate by entering a credit card or apple pay. It’s that simple. Text the demo campaign at (843) 606-5995 with keyword tokids and see how easy text.gives is to use.

Now that you have created your campaign you will want to share it with everyone to get money for your cause. Share the campaign on social media or blast out emails so people can donate and support! Be sure to tag text.gives (and any sponsors or donors) when advertising your campaign. You can leave your campaign up for however long you want and there is no limit on how much someone can donate. It could be $5 or $5000.

Text.gives makes raising money a breeze. It doesn’t matter what you want to raise money for the automated texting software enables people to support your cause by texting a keyword to a phone number. Go to text.gives today to start raising money for your campaign!

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