Event.Gives Fixed Price Items

Selling items is a another great way to raise funds at events. Event.Gives allows you to easily sell any inventory of items you might have, whether their physical items, opportunties, or even fixed amount donations for a cause. Any items can be made available for single click purchases at event check-in as well.

Event.Gives Fixed Price Items

Sell merchandize, donation packages, or 24k gold-wrapped cigars. With fixed priced items you can sell anything and everything.

When you have items to auction or raffle off you should use two rules to determine if it should be a raffle or an auction item. First, if you have any item with interest by a large group of your attendees should be held as a raffle instead of an auction. So, if your nonprofit has a field trip with the mayor, box seats for the local sports team, or dinner for 6 at a local restaurant, then you should use a Raffle. The second rule for raffles is if you have a very large item like a car, season box seats, or a parking spot for the year. In this case Event.gives raffle software will allow you to sell tickets online to a large group of people before the event. You can even have folks go door to door selling raffle tickets for your nonprofit. In this case you can raise a lot more money for your cause than if you if you hold an auction that just a couple of participants are available to bid on the large item.

You will raise more money hosting a raffle than an auction if there is a large amount of people. This reason is because of the amount of potential raffle ticket buyers. If you have a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant and you auction the item off then a bidder will win the certificate and you will raise $100 for the face value at best. If there is a large group of attendees at the event and you sold 100 $5 raffle tickets for the certificate then you would raise $500. You want to have a good idea of how many people will be at the event so you are able to decide which fundraising method to conduct. Event.Gives full-featured ticketing platform you will give you a better idea of how many people will show up at your event. The number of people who attend the event can have a huge impact on success.

Item size is the next indicator of which fundraising solution to use. Large items such as a car, season box tickets, or a parking spot for a year are very attractive items for people. If you auction a car it is likely that only a few participants will want to bid on it because the minimum bid will be set high. If you have a raffle for a car and the tickets are much cheaper you can raise a lot more money for the cause than an auction because a lot of people will buy a lower cost raffle ticket in hopes of winning a car for an incredible price.

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