Event.Gives Auctions

Event.Gives makes auctioning items super easy! Mobile bidding and automated outbid notifications allow on-site or remote bidding, increasing engagement and increasing bids.

Event.Gives Auctions

Live Auction

The best part about our software for live auctions is our preview and pre-bidding options. With the preview option bidders are able to view and see a description of an item days before the event starts. Better yet, you can activate the items so bidders will have the ability to start mobile bidding days before the event when they preview the items. Pre-bidding will establish a minimum bid before the event starts. When a minimum bid is already enacted before the live auction starts you have a guaranteed item sold. A minimum bid also gives an auctioneer a better chance of generating more revenue than normal because people were already able to preview a product and post a bid.

Our live auction features are also compatible with our automated check out. You will be able to implement a live auction into your event or gala and take advantage of the easy check out process for free. The next live auction trait our software provides is the easy entry of final bids. This enables you to enter final bids and bid results instantly all on your mobile device. You will also have the opportunity to use printable live auction cards to assist you with the auction.

Even if people do not make a pre-bid before the event they can preview all of your products that will be at the live auction. This will help them get a feel for the products they want to bid on so when they arrive they know exactly the products they want to spend time on. This will also reduce the overall combustion of the event. Bidders can also see what prices other people are pre-bidding so they know what the next bid is when they get there. Once the event comes to a close people can checkout on their mobile phones and pick up their items at a table by showing their item confirmation. All of this is done online with our Event.Gives live auction software. We hope you enjoy the convenience of the pre-bidding and preview features during your next auction.

Silent Auction

Our paper auction software uses the power of mobile bidding which also enables an easy check in and check out of the event. Organizers are able to print an automated silent auction bid sheet just before the event that will also include the minimum bid that was established during the pre bidding time period.

Event.Gives will also allow silent auction organizers a simple entry of winners into the system. After the straightforward process of entering who won which item, winners are notified via mobile device. Winners can now check out right from their mobile phones with credit card and pick up their item at the designated destination. This allows for a smooth and quick dispersion of items to winners.

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